Facebook expands Gift Shop to include physical merchandise

According to Inside Facebook, the social networking site is testing a major expansion to its Gift Shop, allowing items from third party developers. The move will expand Facebook’s merchant platform beyond the “Pay with Facebook” tests that are running inside a few applications and, for the first time, will integrate a variety of third party virtual gifts into the Facebook Gift Shop. In addition, Facebook users will now be able to purchase physical merchandise in the Gift Shop with Facebook Credits, Inside Facebook reports.
Mashable reports while virtual gifts will still be about $1 (10 credits), physical merchansie could go into the hundreds of credits. The initial test, according to a statement from Facebook, will include American Greetings Interactive, GreetBeatz, Somecards, and Real Gifts.
Facebook is taking a step toward making Facebook credits a viable universal web currency. Unlike Paypal, Facebook payments will be made through its own virtual currency, giving it even greater control over transactions, Mashable speculates.