Research reveals user behavior on Twitter

Social media analytics company Sysomos Inc., Toronto, Ontario, Canada, recent completed an extensive study to document growth on social microblogging site Twitter, and how people are using it. After analyzing information disclosed on 11.5 million Twitters accounts, the company found:

  • 72.5 percent of all Twitter users joined the site during the first five months of 2009
  • 85.3 percent of all Twitter users post less than one update/day
  • 21 percent of users have never posted a Tweet
  • 93.6 percent of users have less than 100 followers, while 92.4 percent follow fewer than 100 people.
  • 5 percent of Twitter users account for 75 percent of all activity
  • New York has the most Twitters users, followed by Los Angeles, Toronto, San Francisco and Boston; while Detroit was the fast-growing city over the first five months of 2009
  • More than 50 percent of all updates are published using tools, mobile and Web-based, other than TweetDeck is the most popular tool, with 19.7 percent market share.
  • There are more women on Twitter (53 percent) than men (47 percent)
  • Of the people who identify themselves as marketers, 15 percent follow more than 2,000 people. This compares with 0.29 percent of overall Twitter users who follow more than 2,000 people.

The complete report is available here.

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