6Sight alert: ImageSpan, Digimarc partner to deliver image-asset solution

At today’s 6Sight Future of Imaging Conference in Monterey, Calif., two leading imaging asset-tracking firms announced a partnership to create a solution to manage, to monitor and to monetize image assets.  ImageSpan Inc., Sausalito, Calif., and Digimarc Corp., Beaverton, Ore., announced ImageSpan’s LicenseStream automated licensing, publishing and royalty processing platform will be combined with Digimarc for Images, which lets photography agencies, media companies, museums and archives add an imperceptible digital watermark to communicate copyright ownership and information on how to contact the owner wherever the image is found online. The LicenseStream Content Tracker then crawls the Web looking for uniquely watermarked images, providing regular reporting on where a content owner’s images are found so they can take appropriate action.

“Digimarc for Images combined with LicenseStream gives content owners a view into how and where their content is used so they can apply appropriate LicenseStream remedies – automated options to convert non-paying consumers into new revenue opportunities,” says Iain Scholnick, CEO, ImageSpan. “When content is used without permission, content owners can select from several automated remedies – email offer to license the image on the spot, request to provide attribution, a link back to the photographer’s gallery, initiate collections or take down the image. Together, we’re delivering a powerful solution to help speed the pace of transactions, drive Web traffic, and empower content owners to pursue untapped opportunities for maximizing the value of their digital assets.”

The solution optimizes content for search engines before it is published to the Web and then provides the means for any buyer to license that content with a mouse click and with flexible pricing based on use. Since watermarks can be unique to various instances of the same image, content owners have the flexibility to set licensing terms depending on the specific usage and buyer.