CIPA: October Shipments of digital cameras up 7 percent

According to statistics released from Camera & Imaging Products Association (CIPA), shipments of digital cameras in October in Japan notched up 6.8 percent year-on-year to 777,000 units, due mostly to a favorable going of compact models, which rose 114.4 percent in number, according to JPEA Photo Electro News. Cumulative shipments for the first ten months in 2009 came to 86.6 percent level of the previous year, while DSLRs at 87.4 percent, in spite of the severer economic condition.

The market outside Japan in October in unit terms rose 4.1 percent in total, a 1.4 percent gain in DSLR models, while compacts gained 4.4 percent. Cumulative shipments to October came to 96.4 percent level in the case of DSLRs, while the mainstay compact models remained at the 82.6 percent level, making the total shipments at the 83.6 percent level of the previous year.