What you see is what you get with new hotel review site Oyster.com

Ever been to a hotel which wasn’t exactly as promoted? How about one that was way wide of the mark? Oyster.com is a new hotel review site with a difference. Not only are there staff reviews, comparing apples with apples, but there are also staff-shot photos, not ones supplied by the hotel which, the Oyster folks suggest, may have no bearing on reality.

So goodbye Munster Mansion and hello good night’s sleep.

Oyster Travel Corp.’s CEO, Elie Seidman says this all started with his own, personal experiences. The decision to book a particular hotel is a big one, based on good faith the hotel is playing fair. The problem is, unlike a product which can be returned, the hotel booking is final, no refunds.

The actual place can run the gamut from ‘just not quite perfect’ to something significantly unpleasant. The short notes written by those who have stayed there aren’t enough, says Seidman, because they may have stayed at only one hotel, and have nothing to compare it with.

So along comes Oyster, with people with not only good observation skills, but also trained in taking pictures, trained by Seidman himself, who says he’s been a photo enthusiast since age 13.

Seidman says the New York City-based company hasn’t covered off every single hotel and motel, but has hit all the hotels in most major places, including Las Vegas, Miami, Hawaii, New York City, and more. It’s an expensive proposition, so there are “a lot we haven’t gotten to.” But give them time.