New report from Lyra examines the snapshot photo printing market

The demand for simple snapshot photo prints continues its downward spiral. Digital image capture rates may be increasing, but cost-conscious consumers are printing fewer of these images. Electronic screens, photo-sharing Web sites, and low-cost digital memory have replaced photo albums and shoe boxes full of prints in many cases. The worldwide economic recession also has contributed to the first ever decline in consumer digital photo print volumes, and it is expected that the recession will have lasting effects on the photofinishing industry.

A new report from Lyra Research’s Hard Copy Supplies Advisory Service (SAS), Competition Increases as Digital Photo Print Volumes Slow: Snapshot Dye-Thermal Photo Media Forecast, 2006-2013, discusses how, despite all of the negative signs, the photo imaging industry is marching on and broadening the ways that homes, retailers, and wholesalers can produce digital prints.  The report looks at snapshot dye-thermal media shipments and revenue for home photo prints and photo prints made at retail kiosks, minilabs, and photo booths. It compares dye-thermal snapshot media shipments and revenue for home and retail locations. Finally, the report also discusses the battle for retail dominance between ink jet and dye-thermal photo printing systems. Click here or call Sandy Tobin at 617-454-2612 for more information or to purchase your copy of this report today.