Erin Manning lights up a bronze

Erin Manning wins another Telly Award

It’s another year of success at the Telly Awards for DIMA Board member Erin Manning. This year, her new project, the Home Studio Lighting Kit DVD, won a Bronze People’s Telly Award.

The Home Studio Lighting Kit DVD demonstrates and teaches anyone how to light and take professional-looking pictures in their own home for everyday uses. Some of the subjects covered include taking a picture for a Facebook profile, great pictures for invitations, and memorable birthday party images. The Home Studio Lighting Kit DVD is a co-production of Erin Manning and Michael Welch for Photo Basics, a division of the F.J. Westcott Co.

This award in 2010 marks the fifth year of Telly Award success for Erin Manning. Last year, she received two of the 30th-anniversary-only Gold Classic Tellys for her work on the “how-to” show, The Whole Picture. From 2006 to 2008, The Whole Picture received seven Bronze Tellys.

The Whole Picture is an instructional show about digital photography that ran for twenty-six episodes on the DIY Network and HGTV-HD until 2009 in the Unites States. The show remains popular worldwide and is currently syndicated in the Philippines and Australia.

In addition to receiving awards for the Home Studio Lighting Kit and The Whole Picture, Erin continues to help the aspiring photographer with her book, Portrait and Candid Photography, as well as photography workshops for Canon, and online classes for the photo enthusiast. In Manning’s own words, “My mission is to help people have fun, get creative, and feel technically confident when taking pictures.”