Griffin Museum of Photography names 2010 Focus Award Recipients

The Griffin Museum of Photography announced the recipients of its fifth annual Focus Awards.

The Museum created the annual awards in 2006 to recognize individuals who have made critical contributions to the promotion of photography. They are one of the few to recognize the work of those who have been instrumental in building greater awareness of the photographic arts in the general public.

The Focus Awards are presented in three categories: The Life Time Achievement Award, given to an individual whose ongoing commitment to photography has created far reaching impact; the Rising Star award given to an emerging force that the photographic community is watching with great enthusiasm; and the New England Beacon, recognizing a local individual whose work brings prominence to the local photographic scene. This year’s recipients are:

–Life Time Achievement – James K. Colton, photography editor, Sports Illustrated;

–Rising Star – David Bram, founder, Fraction Magazine; and

–New England Beacon – Alan Taylor, creator, The Big Picture blog, The Boston Globe/

The Griffin Museum houses three galleries dedicated solely to the exhibition of photographic arts, as well as four satellite galleries—Atelier Gallery at the Stoneham Theater (Stoneham, Mass.); The Griffin Museum at The Aberjona River Gallery (Winchester, Mass.); The Griffin Museum at Digital Silver Imaging (Belmont, Mass.); and The Griffin Museum at The Cambridge Homes (Cambridge, Mass.).