Wolf family in new venture

Missi and Chuck Wolf

Chuck Wolf, Wolf Camera founder, right, and his wife Missi

The Neighborhoood Newspapers recently profiled the next business life of Chuck and Missi Wolf, who have opened two Atlanta, Ga.-area fitness studios. She operates a Buckhead fitness studio, BLAST900, which she opened in September 2008.

“We’re not in the photography business anymore, but we still love to take pictures,” said Missi Wolf in the article, who is the wife of Wolf Camera founder Chuck Wolf.

In just two years, the studio, which offers different levels of one-hour high intensity interval training classes, has grown to two locations (the other is in Duwnoody) and will be available for franchising in November, the article said.

Being married to someone who used to manage a $1 billion company with 700 stores has been a help, said Missi Wolf, who had no previous business background in fitness before she created BLAST900.

Wolf opened his camera stores in 1974 after leaving the family business at Ritz Camera. In 2001, after the business went bankrupt, he sold the company to Ritz, where he worked at vice-president of sales until 2004, according to the article. Since then, Wolf has been operating his, Buckhead-based marketing firm Wolfbone Marketing.