“The Office” character recommends using “real cameras” over “disposables”

In last week’s episode of the NBC comedy, “The Office,” a character used a one-time use camera without actually grasping how they work.

In the episode “Counseling,” the receptionist, Erin Hannon, uses a one-time use camera to photograph colleague Dwight K. Schrute on his way out of the office, then immediately throws the camera away. She explains: “Disposable cameras are fun, although it does seem wasteful and you don’t ever get to see your pictures. If it’s an important event, that you want to remember, I recommend using a real camera.”

Watch the clip here.


  1. It is about time someone puts WOW back into photography. For many years there is nothing more than trash talk regarding photography.


  1. […] The Office is one of the few show’s I watch on TV anymore.  And the following clip is one of the reasons why: (from PMA Newsline) Some advice on using disposable cameras. […]