Noritsu, Lucidiom part ways

Noritsu America Corp., Buena Park, Calif., announced the company has divested Lucidiom Inc. by transferring all of its Lucidiom shares to the present Lucidiom management, according to a statement. Noritsu said its customers will see no changes from the divestiture.

Both companies have changed considerably since they combined in 2009, according to Steve Giordano Jr., president, Lucidiom, Vienna, Va. “Noritsu changed management in March, 2010, and changed direction. Our vision hasn’t really changed on where we want to take the industry; in fact, at the end of the day, we agreed it was better if we split up.”

Giordano says the conflicting visions of the industry “confused” the marketplace. “Our visions were so radically different,” he says. “There was no way of putting them together. We thank them for everything they’ve done for us and hope they’re successful in everything they want to do. We’re looking forward to the future and advancing the imaging category.”

The next steps for Lucidiom will be to go back to its roots. “We’re going to go back to who we were, pre-merger, which includes a lot more communication and marketing than we’ve done in the past year and a half,” says Giordano. “We like being a voice for the industry, a voice for change and evolution.

“We’re also going to reinvest in the innovation of imaging. We believe strongly in the imaging category, but we don’t necessarily believe in the [4-by-6] printing category,” he says. “There’s an evolution occurring in our market, and Lucidiom is best suited for assisting retailers in that transformation.

“There’s no doubt people are taking more pictures and sharing more than they have ever shared. But where’s the future of the business? Is it in printing 4-by-6s or some new service? That’s what Lucidiom is going to be talking about. We think about traditional printing, then books and creative, then online activities, and then optical [CDs and DVDs]. All of those have great places in the future of the industry,” Giordano says.


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