PhotoPresenter gets social with Facebook

“Social media is truly the wave of the future,” says Boinx Software, “and it’s an important step for us to link our apps with this enormous trend and community. The company’s PhotoPresenter now integrates with Facebook, connecting the Macintosh application “with the world of social media and the ultimate platform for image-sharing.”

The $10 PhotoPresenter 4.1 also exports to iPads to “allow you to share your finished work with friends and family on a sleek presentation platform.”

PhotoPresenter includes more than three-dozen themes with which users create animated slideshows with effects. Users can add custom watermarks; professional photographers can display their copyright notice or their logo and web address.

PhotoPresenter has smart album awareness, recognizing changes in Flickr and Facebook Groups and Settings, as well as in iPhoto’s or Aperture’s Smart Albums, the company says. “This is the fastest way to keep a slideshow up-to-date automatically.”

Boinx Software Ltd. is located in Puchheim, near Munich, Germany.


ILCs: compact system camera sales grow

Compact mirror-free interchangeable lens cameras — called ILC’s or compact system cameras — almost quadrupled their global market share in 2010 to  11 percent, or almost one million of all interchangeable lens cameras sold.

They also accounted for one third of all interchangeable lens cameras sold in Japan during December, reports The GfK Group.

Companies offering ILCs include Panasonic, Olympus, and Samsung.




Video chat on Facebook

A new start-up offers video chatting through Facebook. SocialEyes was founded by former RealNetworks executives Rob Glaser and Rob Williams.

Just as many users stay logged into Facebook even when not posting, SocialEyes suggest its users can leave open a video window, and enable social interaction as opposed to the “video calls” of services like Skype and Facetime.

SocialEyes is based in San Francisco, and raised a reported $5.1 million. announces growth record, the German specialist in photo gifts located in Homburg/Saar, announced a new growth record for fiscal 2010. According to a press release, the company recorded sales of Euro 3.4 million (US-$ 4.7 million), a plus of 22 percent compared with 2009.

During the holiday season 2010, Personello shipped up to 8,000 photo gifts such as personalized coffee mugs, pillows and USB cards per day, the company said.

PhotoRocket free photo sharing tool now available

PhotoRocket, a one-step solution to instantly share photos from computers and mobile devices to friends, family, destinations like Facebook, Flickr and Shutterfly, announced the availability of its free photo sharing service and downloadable apps for Windows, Mac and iPhone.

PhotoRocket brings simplicity to recipients of photos, as well, because there is no registration, login or account information required to view or download photos. If recipients decide to register with PhotoRocket, they can re-share photos or purchase high quality prints.

“This is not another photo sharing website or service. PhotoRocket represents a revolutionary step in sharing. You’ll never need to email or upload a photo ever again,” said PhotoRocket founder Scott Lipsky.

“PhotoRocket completely changes how we think of sharing photos by making it incredibly easy for senders and recipients: One step to share multiple photos with your friends or groups of friends. One step to publish photos across social and photo sharing sites. One step for recipients to view, re-share and download high-resolution images. One step to view all your photos, anytime, on-demand,” continued Lipsky.

PhotoRocket consolidates images into a personal viewing experience that includes all the photos shared or received from anyone else who uses PhotoRocket. Photos are archived by sender and date, and users can view or download full resolution images at any time, from virtually any location.

WD establishes hard drive R&D center in Singapore

Western Digital, Irvine, Calif., established a research and development center in Singapore, where the company will leverage the local talent pool and expertise of research organizations, such as Singapore’s A*STAR Data Storage Institute (DSI), and universities in the development of advanced hard drive technologies. Located in Singapore Science Park, near WD’s newly acquired media manufacturing operation, the Western Digital Singapore HDD R&D Center is now operational. The company also announced that it is entering an agreement with DSI to collaborate on the development of advanced head, media and hard drive system design.

WD will have invested S$500 million (approximately $390 million USD) in Singapore over the next five years, including its recent media plant acquisition, capital equipment for capacity expansion and technology enhancements and the HDD R&D Center.

Canada’s Dumoulin restructures

Groupe Dumoulin website

Groupe Dumoulin website

Canada’s Groupe Dumoulin, Laval, Quebec, is restructuring, refocusing on its retail operations.

In recent years, Groupe Dumoulin has extended its activities by supplying hotel grade televisions to the hotel industry in the United States. Although this venture was initially successful, procurement problems with the main supplier forced the company to question the viability of this initiative. Coupled with the economy and tighter credit conditions, the company was forced to restructure.

“Since 1946, retail sales have been and remain Dumoulin’s strength, ” says Jacques Dumoulin, president and CEO. “We have distinguished ourselves by our customer service and have built a respected brand that is appreciated by our customers.”

As part of the restructuring, 15 corporate stores will remain open, but six corporate stores running a deficit are being closed, and the company will cease its activities in the United States. The network of 89 franchise locations will continue to operate and are not part of the restructuring strategy.

Dumoulin lays claim to being Canada’s largest privately-owned retailer of electronic products, operating stores under the Dumoulin and Audiotronic banners.

On the DIMAcast: A new Noritsu

Noritsu recently announced a number of company changes, including the establishment of NK Works, a new subsidiary of Noritsu Koki, and a parting of ways with Lucidiom, which Noritsu purchased in 2009. On this episode of the DIMAcast, Kevin Williams, senior vice president, Sales & Marketing for Noritsu America Corp., explains these changes, why they were made, and how they will impact Noritsu and its customers.

‘Buzz Snatching’ Facebook group helps small business owners generate free publicity

“If a tree falls in a forest and all the other trees gossip about it, does it make a noise? You bet it does. It makes a thunderous, clapping roar,” says Dean Rotbart, originator of Buzz Snatching, a new Facebook group helping teaching small business owners, authors, entrepreneurs, consultants and others who need greater visibility how to become publicity magnets.

“In essence, the other trees in the forest are helping Buzz Snatching members to spread their news, which ripples across the Internet and the bricks-and-mortar universe,” Rotbart notes. “‘If you promote our stories, we will all promote yours’ is a simple way of phrasing the concept.'”

In addition to tutoring group members on Buzz Snatching techniques, the Buzz Snatching Facebook group also facilitates so-called “Buzz Choruses,” in which group members harmonize their actions to call public attention to one another.

Rather than each individual small business owner or other publicity-seeker working in isolation to generate visibility, the Buzz Snatching Facebook group utilizes a “strength-in-numbers” approach. Group members synchronize their efforts to help focus public attention on each member’s publicity efforts.

Buzz Choruses are just one of many tools and proven methods available to Buzz Snatching Facebook group members. Every other week, Buzz Snatching hosts a free 30-minute tele-workshop that zeroes in on specific ways to generate no-cost buzz.

Membership in the Buzz Snatching Facebook group is free. To join, visit the page at and click on the “Like” button. After joining, members are encouraged to introduce themselves to the group.

The full Buzz Snatching method combines cutting-edge strategic media relations with innovative uses of social media, dedicated websites, event planning, content creation, and face-to-face networking. The goal, says Rotbart, is to “grab more than your fair share of the public’s attention and loyalty.”

Sears Holdings appoints Lou D’Ambrosio CEO

The Board of Directors of Sears Holdings Corp., Hoffman Estates, Ill., elected Lou D’Ambrosio chief executive officer and president of the company. He assumed the office and join the Board of Directors on Feb. 24, 2011.

D’Ambrosio was chief executive of Avaya Inc. from 2006 to 2008 and served on the company’s Board of Directors. He stepped down from the CEO post in 2008 for medical reasons. Over the last six months, Mr. D’Ambrosio has worked closely with Sears Holdings as a consultant to the Board of Directors on key strategic and operational initiatives. Prior to joining Avaya in 2002, he spent 16 years at IBM.