Synthcam adds “tilt shift” effect

Synthcam v2 now offers multi-point focusing and tilted focal planes, which lets you align the focal plane with any collection of objects in the scene — and to simulate a tilt-shift lens, generating the popular “tiny toy” look where real cars and buildings look like miniature models.

Is it Stanford or a toy model?

Also, new prediction and detection algorithms make tracking more robust, while the accelerometer corrects pitching and rolling.

SynthCam is the creation of Stanford professor Marc Levoy. The iPhone camera app emulates adjustable aperture to produced a shallow depth of field, blurring the scene behind and around the photo’s subject. SynthCam captures and combines multiple shots into a single image.

The app costs 99 cents from Apple’s online App Store.

More information is here.

An online video of Levoy’s presentation on computational photography at our 6Sight Future of Imaging conference is here.