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Pro Imaging Golf Championship marks 25th year

Pro Imaging Golf ChampionshipBy Elizabeth Cunningham: Exclusive to PMA Newsline

Barton Creek Resort & Spa, Austin, Texas, was a superb choice for the 25th Pro Imaging Golf Championship, arranged by chairman, Toren Prawdzik. The tournament played two of the four courses, but the challenge was the Fazio Foothills course. Twenty-one teams spouses and industry non-golfers joined in the five-day event.

Because of the milestone, there was a lot of history and reminiscing. The tournament dates back to 1987 at the Orange Tree Country Club in Orlando under the organization of Rob Davis (deceased) and Larry Anderson (former 20-year chairman) of Bremson Photo Systems (acquired by Kodak in 1993). PMA members were the backbone of the tournament but today it’s a new breed of digital imagers, with few still using RA4 chemistry.

Recognition was given to the attendees who made all 25 tournaments:

Eastman Kodak (accepted by Dave Shelp); Larry Anderson, Studio Pro Group; and Kim Freeman, Allied Imaging Lab.  Anderson memorialized the many that have passed on. This year it was Ilgvars Broks of BGM, Ontario and Bernie Bachelor of Tri-Color N.C. Toren presented the coveted green jackets to Tim Saur, Durst US, Larry McDonald, E. B. Luce, Jim Miller, Vista Photo, and Steve Samuel, Worth Higgins. Linda Root of Nettle Creek Photo Lab is the only woman with two jackets, but Tom Martin of Cygnus remains the only golfer with three Green Jackets.

Sponsors come and sponsors go, but without them this prestigious industry tournament could not have survived 25 years. This year’s generosity includes: Eastman Kodak Co., Fujifilm North America, Durst US, Quality Media & Laminating. Liberty Photo, LexJet, and a new addition, CET Color.

The winners and their awards:

Championship Flight

Pro Imaging Classic Championship Flight first place


First place: Taylormade Irons and Green Jacket Brad Scarborough, Tri-Visual; Mark Treadwell, CRIS Camera; Richard Lubiuk, Holland & Crosby; Ben Tyndell, Allen Tyndell, Inc.














Pro Imaging Classic Championship Flight second place

Second place: Taylormade driver Bill Durvin, Sports Solutions; Linda Root, Nettle Creek Photo Lab; Ed Perry, Merritt Graphics; and Jay Davis, Liberty Photo









Pro Imaging Classic Championship Flight third place

Third place: Taylormade Woods Tim Saur, Durst USA; Emery Freeman, Allied Imaging Lab; Darryl Osikowicz, PMI Sports Photography; and Susan Rau, Northwest Professional Color














Pro Imaging Classic Championship Flight fourth place

Fourth place: Taylormade utility club Ed Monahan, Eastman Kodak; Dave Isabelle, Meteor; Alex Christopolous, ICON Digital; and Marge Miller, Vista Photo














Pro Imaging Classic Championship Flight fifth place

Fifth place: Taylormade driver Matt Hesketh, Photomation; Alex Reid, LexJet; Andy Osikowicz, PMI Sports Photography; and Bernd Tischer, Ultraflex Systems





















First Flight

Pro Imaging Classic First Flight first place

First place: Taylormade driver: Ben Taylor, Image Movers; George Champagne, ABAR Color; Ed Harold, Quality Media & Laminating; and Eddie Lee, ABC Imaging




Pro Imaging Classic First Flight second place

Second place: Taylormade woods Kevin Casey,; John Lau, ICON Digital; Allan Tyndell, Allan Tyndell Inc.; and Karen Scott, Firehouse Imaging



Pro Imaging Classic First Flight third place

Third place: Taylormade utility club: Marty McGhie, Ferrari Color; Art Lambert, LexJet; Sally Corman, Firehouse Imaging; and Kim Freeman, Allied Imaging Lab








Pro Imaging Classic First Flight fourth place

Fourth place: Taylormade putter Steven Loverro, West Coast Photo; Mike Wodushek, Photoland; Denise Loverro, West Coast Photo; and David VanderSloot, Pro Imaging Golf











Pro Imaging Classic First Flight fifth place

Fifth place: Embroidered golfbag Jim Walsh, Felix Scholler; Art Lyons, Quality Media and Laminating; Scott Koehler, Tri-Color; and Ken Marks, Eastman Kodak













































For 2012, Pro Imaging Golf plans to swing to the southeast coast. It will be a totally new ballgame. Next year’s sponsors are planning a one-day table-top Pro Imaging Expo. Old PMA and APCI members remember the fall and summer table-top events where manufacturers and distributors were able to spend valuable personal time with customers and prospects.

Watch our website for a little history, memorable photos, and 2012 tournament updates.

MyBuys E-Commerce Health Index up for 13th straight month

MyBuys, Redwood City, Calif., released the March 2011 edition of the MyBuys E-commerce Wellness Index, which measures the overall health of U.S. e-commerce and tracks key trends among retailers. Total revenue for U.S. e-commerce increased 2.3 percent versus the same period last year and the important metric of revenue from full-priced item sales continues to grow, increasing at a robust 18.3 percent rate during the month of March while orders with promoted items present fell 24 percent during the period.

The March 2011 Index also demonstrates the power of personalization as retailers saw a 19 percent increase in average order values for personalized transactions compared to sales without personalization.

comScore releases March 2011 U.S. online video rankings

comScore Inc., Reston, Va., released data from the comScore Video Metrix service showing that 174 million U.S. Internet users watched online video content in March for an average of 14.8 hours per viewer. The total U.S. Internet audience engaged in more than 5.7 billion viewing sessions during the course of the month.

Google Sites, driven primarily by video viewing at, ranked as the top online video content property in March with 143.2 million unique viewers, followed by AOL Inc. with 57.0 million viewers and Yahoo! Sites with 56.4 million viewers. Microsoft Sites came in fourth with 53.1 million viewers, while VEVO ranked fifth with 52.6 million viewers. Google Sites had the highest number of viewing sessions as it neared the 2 billion mark, and highest time spent per viewer at 276 minutes, or 4.6 hours.

Americans viewed 4.3 billion video ads in March, with Hulu generating the highest number of video ad impressions at more than 1.2 billion. Tremor Media Video Network ranked second overall (and highest among video ad networks) with 804.3 million ad views, followed by (553 million) and BrightRoll Video Network (398 million). Time spent watching videos ads neared 1.9 billion minutes during the month, with Hulu delivering the highest duration of video ads at 520 million minutes. Video ads reached 43 percent of the total U.S. population an average of 33 times during the month. Hulu also delivered the highest frequency of video ads to its viewers with an average of 47 over the course of the month.

Free webinar aimed at wedding photographers

Zookbinders website

If you shoot weddings, and are interested in finding out what brides want, and how to deliver it, then you’ll need to register now for a Tuesday free webinar being offered by Zookbinders, Chicago, Ill. According to the webinar organizers, you’ll learn what brides say they really want, why dreading album design is a thing of the past, and how to increase sales while sleeping.

Zookbinders is a provider of presentation solutions including zookie pro, the Zook Book panorama-style album, and others. zookie pro, the company says, is for photographers who dread album design and sales, providing album design, printing, binding and an online shopping cart.

The Tuesday webinar begins at noon CDT, but you need to register today here.

Those in the area may want to attend an open house at the company’s offices, a combination “What brides want/zookie pro launch/facility tour” on either April 26 or 27. Again, it’s free, but you have to preregister by the 21st.

BizReport: Eight ways to manage negativity on Facebook

Helen Leggatt of BizReport writes not everything posted on your social media sites will be helpful or  welcome, but when you invite others to engage in dialog, negativity is hard to avoid. She offers eight tips to handle those unpleasant comments.

  • First, outline the ‘rules’ around commenting on your page, including how use of bad language or posts containing inappropriate content will be dealt with.
  • Calm down before posting a cool and collected response.
  • Show you are in control of the situation by publicly responding. Your reply may address questions that others have, but are not comfortable asking.
  • Reply promptly even if you can not provide a complete answer to their comment at the time it was made, to reassure them you are listening and finding  an answer.

Read the rest of Leggatt’s tips here.