In Memoriam: Steve Jobs


  1. I have been fortunate enough to visit Apple headquarter few times and I must admit that I have been always a fun and support of Apple and Steve.I have read with a lot of interest the first 2 books about Steve Jobs translated in Italian and they really help me to see my life, my family and my business in a different way.
    I often watch the Stanford speech of Steve and every time I watch it I get very inspired.
    I do consider Steve a father, a tutor, a mentor, a guru, a visionar, even a prophet. Prophet on how to approach life using always innovation, always being there to inspire and impress people!
    “Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish” will be for sure one of the most important statements that I will always remember.

    Thank you Steve for what you have done to all of us in your life-.
    We will always remember you, with your smile and your way to impress people with ….. last second announcements! :-)The world, like 9/11, will never be the same without you.