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Fusing photography and videography — Animoto Free Webinar

Professional photographers / cinematographers Vanessa Joy & Rob Adams have been promoting “Fusion” – the blending of short video clips with still photography — for more than a year… even selling DVD lesson plans. Now online video creation service Animoto is offering a free hour-long webinar with the duo.

"Fusion" combines stills and video.

Fusion will change the landscape of the photography industry, the company says, as photographers get the most out of SLRs by incorporating “not only still images but the high-quality video clips these powerful new cameras are capable of creating.”

Joy and Adams will share tips on the practical side of how to shoot compelling video, incorporate it into a photographer’s workflow, and how to price and market the combination in a photography business.

Fusion means a photographer “can capture moments and memories using one photographic frame or a series of video clips in order to deliver a product that their customers adore,” they say.

The seminar is on October 20, 2011. Register here.


Torrential Thailand rainfall floods camera manufacturers

The worst floods in more than 50 years crippled the Thailand operations of some major Japanese companies, Bloomberg reports — and factories producing photography goods for Canon and Nikon were among those damaged by the deep waters in Southeast Asia.

About 280 people have died in the inundation since late July, IDG News Service reports. More than 3 million acres of farm land are underwater, and 700,000 homes are damaged or destroyed.

In Thailand’s Ayutthaya province, Canon’s inkjet printer manufacturing facility and Nikon’s biggest SLR and lens plants are among the hundreds of affected factories. Sony also halted operations at its plant for digital cameras in Ayutthaya.

Nikon reports “the first floor of all buildings at the premises are presently submerged.” The impact on  the company’s business has yet to be estimated, Nikon adds. “We are continuing to investigate details of the damage, but are unable to predict how soon operation will be resumed.”

Nikon’s inventory of SLR cameras will probably last for about a month, Bloomberg reports, and the effect on earnings would be negligible should the company resume the plant’s operation within a month.

IDG reports the severe floods also disrupted production of hard disk drives and semiconductors. Bloomberg adds the deluge forced Toyota and Honda to temporarily close three factories.

More information is here.


Now you’ve seen it all: Photo app apes OTUC

Hipstamatic aged film filter

Pocket-Lint is reporting wildly popular iPhone app, Hipstamatic — which makes iPhone pictures look like old-time photos via digital filters  — is going even further behind the techno curve: “The Hipstamatic D-Series [app] is set to bring back the film feel to your digital photography by preventing you from actually looking at your pictures the second after you’ve snapped them. Working like an old disposable camera, you have to finish all 24 shots before it’ll let you go back and review how they all came out.”

That’s right; the user won’t be able to see their pictures until the entire 24-picture “roll” is “shot.” To make it even more cumbersome, Pocket-Lint said another option is to tie the app into its Hipstamart online print service, so the first time the user sees their prints is when they arrive in the mail.

Unlike the $1.99 Hipstamatic app, Hipstamatic D will be free later this month, but additional lenses cost extra.

To refresh your memory on Hipstamatic, listen to this classic DIMAcast,  with Lucas Buick, CEO and founder of SyntheticCorp., the company behind the app, whoshares the story of its meteoric rise, and why there’s no end in sight now that users can print their images through Specialty Color Services, Santa Barbara, Calif.

On the Imaging Executive podcast: The dance between work and life

On this episode of the AIE Imaging Executive podcast:

“Work/life balance, at least in the sense that most of us think about it, is a myth,” says Jon Gordon, author of The Seed: Finding Purpose and Happiness in Life and Work. “It does not exist. For many people, it never has. I’ve come to realize that the dance between work and life is more about rhythm than balance.”
To find out more, visit his site.

IJ Technologies announces Black Diamond AgX water-resistant canvas


IJ Technology's Black Diamond AgX

IJ Technologies, St. Louis, Mo., announces the latest addition to the Black Diamond product line of inkjet media, AgX Canvas, is a high gloss silver-based water resistant canvas. Prints made on AgX Canvas have a significantly increased level of vibrancy, the company claims. The new AgX Canvas combines the advantages of Black Diamond Canvas w ith a glossy metallic look. The goal w as to develop a special inkjet canvas which would give the fine art or photo printer a distinctive metallic alternative to offer their customers.

“We are listening to the industry and working hard to create new products which are practical and will allow those who use them to differentiate themselves from their competitors” says Gordon Kane, business development, IJ Technologies.