PMDA to name Sony’s Howard Stringer Person of the Year

PMDA, the PhotoImaging Manufacturers and Distributors Association, announced it will award Sony CEO Howard Stringer the Person of the Year honor.

Stringer will be joined by five others honored for their “outstanding contributions to the photography industry” on January 9th, prior to the opening of this year’s 2012 International CES and PMA tradeshows in Las Vegas.

Other honorees include: Photojournalist Carol Guzy, named Photographer of the Year; Nobel Prize winner Dr. George Smith, a co-inventor of the CCD; and Shutterfly CEO Jeffrey Housenbold.

“It is our pleasure to spend an evening commemorating the achievements of these six outstanding individuals,” PMDA says. “Their contributions to the art, technology and business of photography have left lasting footprints in the industry.”



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