DVD provides portrait photography lesson

A new instructional DVD is designed to “make a good photographer into an unforgettable one.”

Photographer Peter Hurley.

The four-hour program features New York headshot photographer Peter Hurley, and is not the typical teaching tool, says Fstoppers. “Hurley focuses on interacting with clients to draw out the amazing portrait that lies just beneath the skin. Not only does Peter cover his trademark high key white background and soft beauty lighting, but also covers intimate details about what he considers his real photography secret: a keen understanding of the human face and the ability to coach people into interesting looks day in and day out.”

Fstoppers provides “behind-the-scenes” instructional and informational videos for photography and videography. The online site says it has an average of 350,000 viewers and over 600,000 pageviews monthly.

The DVD is available for digital download for $300 at peterhurley.com/dvd.

A promotional video is here.