CRU-DataPort introduces USB 3.0 to RTX product line

CRU-DataPort, Vancouver, Wash., is now offering a USB 3.0 interface on its RTX 100-3SJ and RTX 100-3Q removable storage enclosures. Users may also opt for eSATA or USB 2.0 interfaces with RTX100-3SJ or dual FireWire 800 ports with RTX100-3Q.

CRU-DataPort incorporates TrayFree bay technology into RTX products for easy access to any capacity 3.5-inch SATA hard drive. Adding or swapping hard drives is as simple as opening the door, sliding the drive in and closing the door. RTX 1-bay storage enclosures are an ideal solution for photographers, videographers, and SMB markets where digital data accessibility and versatility are essential. Products are currently available without drives or populated with up to 3 terabytes. RTX100-3SJ and RTX100-3Q are available through CRU resellers starting at $99. CRU’s secure storage solutions for digital workflow, including mobile acquisition and storage, capture and post, and archiving and backup, will be on display at PMA@CES.