Lensbaby selective focus provides tilt shift imaging

Lensbaby claims its new Edge 80 Optic “allows photographers to create images with quality that is on-par with some of the best lenses…” The lens can work “like a great lens mounted on a view camera bellows,” to make ‘straight’ photos, or, for “a different look altogether, fluidly tilt the lens to create a razor sharp slice of selective focus through your image.”

Tilting the Edge 80 allows photographers to create vertical, horizontal and diagonal slices of focus through the image. Objects in both the foreground and the background can be in focus within that slice. Photographers can control the size of the slice of focus by changing the 12-blade aperture.

The $300 optic is the latest addition to the company’s Optic Swap system and is compatible with its Composer Pro, Composer, Muse, Scout and Control Freak bodies. It will “transform any of these bending lens bodies into a tilt lens that delivers a selective slice of sharp focus through an image.” Photographers can change the aperture from f2.8 through f22 by rotating the dial on the front of the optic.

The company has a cool simulation of the effects here.

The Imaging Resource has a review here.