Pexagon protects client pictures

The wood-encased drive comes in a wooden case.

Custom flash drive manufacturer Pexagon Technology says it “provides photographers with a fast and easy way to create digital “masters” of their photo collections that cannot be accidentally altered or destroyed by clients.”

The “eternal” is a photo delivery system that integrates hardware and software to “protect images designed to last a lifetime.” The USB flash drive prevents lost pictures, accidental overwrites, corrupted files and viruses that have the potential to plague photographers and their clients. Flash drives are more durable and easier to write than traditional DVD, and they can also be engraved, allowing for complete personalization.

“Photographers capture significant milestones in people’s lives, moments they want to save forever,” the company says. With the eternal, “the photographer can deliver their work to the client in a unique, high quality presentation medium that will leave a positive lasting impression that their clients will appreciate and enjoy for years to come.”

eternal Photo Flash Drive kits are priced at  $47 or $65 for 8GB and 16GB capacities. Each kit includes a custom configured and engraved maple finish wood drive, and a matching engraved wood box.