Laminar edits photo on iPad with layers


A new photo editing app for iPad, Laminar, offers layers, masks, one touch adjustments, brushes, and more than 60 effects and filters.

“It’s insanely easy and quick to re-touch images,” the company says. “All the tools are located in one unified interface. Laminar is the perfect fusion of power and simplicity. We have thrown in all the tools you need to take your images to a whole new level.”

Among the $1 app’s features is an Auto WB that the company claims “is a state of an art algorithm which adjusts auto white balance in the image, corrects the levels, performs gamma corrections, and brings back color even in images with almost no visible information left.”

Unlike Adobe’s new Photoshop Touch, it runs on the original iPad rather than requiring the iPad 2’s faster processing.

More information is here.