In Memoriam: Kodak Slide Film (1935-2012)

Kodak Professional Ektrachrome E100G is discontinued. Also discontinued Ektrachrome E100VS and Elite Chrome Extra Color 100.

Eastman Kodak Co., Rochester, N.Y., advised dealers of the discontinuation of Ektachrome and Elite films, the last in its E-6 stable. With the conclusion of Kodachrome production in 2009, these films were last 35mm Kodak slide films in the catalog.

Kodak says E-6 chemistry would still be available. In the notice, Kodak said demand for the film has declined steadily to the point where the low volume didn’t warrant production.

The three films will continue to ship until all remaining inventory has been depleted, which could be 6-9 months. Prices will also increase 15 percent.

Kodak’s professional color-negative and black-and-white films remain in the portfolio.