Kodak, Apple continue patent litigation

KodakUpdate March 8: Kodak’s request was granted. Apple’s bid to file a complaint with the international Trade Commission  was denied.

From March 7: Kodak asked a bankruptcy judge to block Apple from restarting patent litigation that would interfere with Kodak’s planned sale of up to $2.6 billion of digital-imaging patents, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Kodak filed for bankruptcy in January, which halted pending patent-infringement suits brought by Apple and other companies. In February, Apple asserted Kodak’s planned patent-portfolio sale would include disputed IP regarding cameras previewing images on an LCD screen.

“Apple’s claim that it owns the ‘218 patent (and potentially other undisclosed Kodak patents)–a claim plainly designed to interfere with the Debtors’ efforts to sell valuable property of the estate–should be resolved promptly,” Kodak said in its filing.

The full article is here.

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