Kubota Image Tools, Monte Zucker Photographic Education release “How To Photoshop Everyone”

How To Photoshop Anyone title page

Monte Zucker Photographic Education, in conjunction with Kubota Image Tools, released “How to Photoshop Everyone,” an educational, feature-film style $129.99 DVD teaching viewers in-depth techniques to successfully retouch and enhance images efficiently and effectively using Photoshop. The goal of “How to Photoshop Everyone” is to break the traditional mold of uninspiring Photoshop training and instead make learning fun, enjoyable, and easy. This educational film stars Kevin Kubota, a leader and recognized expert in professional photography circles. Actress Erin Cooper, playing the role opposite Kubota, is a portrait photographer on a mission to master Photoshop.

“How to Photoshop Everyone” includes scenes that train on workflow, layers, fixing problems, adding art, actions, and final output. Also included is a second DVD for the times when it’s simply easier to grab a quick review of a specific technique without the storyline. There is more  more than five hours of content on the two DVDs.