Face-recognizing FotoPunch turns phones into time clocks

FotoPunch says its mobile time and attendance software uses patent-pending technology to allow employees to track time on the job with their cell phones.

“The software transforms any cell phone into a biometric, geolocated time clock,” the company says, “eliminating the need for expensive hardware, heavy implementation costs, restrictive contracts, or even providing smartphones for employees.”

With the FotoPunch system, employees take a picture of themselves with their phones, and text the photos to a FotoPunch-dedicated number. The cloud service verifies the employee’s identity through a facial recognition scan, and geolocates the employee to verify they are on the job. Managers receive customizable notifications via email or text of employees’ status, hours, and location. Alerts can be set to notify managers of late punches, overtime, and other compliance issues. FotoPunch says the service is “completely secure and virtually impossible to fool. It eliminates buddy punching and other forms of time theft. Our FotoPunch facial recognition software automatically recognizes the employee punching in or out and logs the punch or flags it for review. All images are stamped with time and location data to ensure the utmost security. The absolute security resulting from this unique combination of biometric, time, and location data cannot be rivaled in a remote setting.”

Also, “other benefits are realized, including the ability to review images to monitor compliance with standards such as dress codes and other employee appearance requirements, employee morale or cheerfulness, retail display, and quality assurance on work performed.”

FotoPunch says it is the only fully biometric solution that can be used on any phone, including dumbphones or flipphones — any cell phone with a camera and SMS.

FotoPunch was founded in 2011, and is headquartered in Provo, Utah.