App maker aims to combine 360,000 personal photos into one image

Revolution Mosaic

Startup mobile company, Barrel Man Apps Inc., aims to combine 360,000 iPhone photos from users around the world to form one photo mosaic poster to be the symbol of the “Mobile Generation.” The company has started Revolution Mosaic, an iOS photography app allowingiPhone users from around the world to submit their photos to create a gigantic photo mosaic image.

The Revolution Mosaic app is scheduled to launch in the App Store this May, 2012, inviting iPhone users from around the world to submit their iPhone photos. Once 360,000 photos are submitted, one of the submitted photos will be chosen to form the final mosaic image. This image will be chosen based on its depiction of the “mobile generation.” The final mosaic will then be turned into a 48-by-72-inch mural poster that can be viewed and purchased through the app, the website, or in commercial art galleries.

Barrel Man Apps is currently seeking additional funding to help pay for app development, testing, and additional platform development like Android. To achieve this goal, Barrel Man Apps Founder, Ian Tuason, has launched a Kickstarter campaign.

“Pledges to the project start as low as $1 which will ensure you receive the app when it launches,” says Tuason. “For $10 you can pre-order the high resolution final mosaic once it’s formed, and for $25 you get the final poster delivered to your door – shipping is on me.”