Picture AAC App helps children with autism communicate

Picture AAC app

Hearty SPIN, a Singapore-based firm, has developed the Picture AAC app designed to help children with autism utilize their visual learning strength to communicate effectively. The app is also available in Chinese, and other versions for non-English speaking children is planned.

Many children with autism have speech impairment or delay, which often lead to behavioral issues as their needs are not being understood by others. Speech delay also adversely impact their ability to learn other skills and knowledge as communication is an important foundation for learning.

“Picture AAC app enables children with autism to learn effective communication by utilizing their visual learning strength,” says KhengWah Koh, founder of Hearty SPIN. Like existing picture communication systems, such as PECS, which have over the last decade enabled many autistic individuals to communicate, Picture AAC app is an Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) app designed to enable people who have little or no functional speech to communicate using pictures, the company says. Picture AAC app supports individuals with special needs like autism spectrum disorders (ASDs), cerebral palsy, speech and language impairments / delays, down syndrome, hearing impairments, apraxia, aphasia, dysarthria, intellectual disability, and developmental delay to express their needs, feelings, and to ask and answer questions.