Social Imaging in focus, on the AIE Imaging Executive Podcast

New research sheds light on how today’s connected generation of photographers choose devices and methods for taking, enhancing and sharing photos.

For the 6Sight Social Imaging Survey Report, 1,065 North American photo-taking consumers were surveyed to learn how this these photographers chooses their products and services, what drives their decisions, and in what direction their choices are trending.

Join us as report author Hans Hartman shares what he found about social imaging, and how it can impact your photography business.

 The Imaging Executive podcasts are available for free download here.

The 49-page 6Sight Social Imaging Survey Report is available from the PMA Store for $799. The report includes an analysis of significant differences within gender (male/female), age (under/above 35), household type (with/without children), between North Americans and Europeans and, where appropriate, between various device users.

Sponsors of the 6Sight Social Imaging survey include Ecce Terram.