Pholium makes photo ebooks on iPad

A new app “elevates the way iPad users interact with images by enabling the creation of high-quality, customizable digital photo books that can easily be given to others,” says publisher 58 North. “We take many photos daily but some are special and deserve to be preserved and shared — whether it’s to tell a story or remember an important event.”

With the $10 Pholium, developed by Bottle Rocket Apps, users can create digital books, fine-tune the images, and gift the completed photo books to others “for a fraction of the cost of a printed book,” the company says. If they’re bits instead of pages, why do they cost anything? Well, the purchase price allows the creation of an unlimited number of books — but it’s limited to give each book to 10 recipients; additional “Pholdas” are $1 each, “and enable users to give each digital photo book to up to 10 new recipients,” the company adds.