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6Sight seeks speakers

The 6Sight Future of Imaging Conference is bigger and better this year, as part of the CE Week event  in New York City in June 2012.

The 6Sight sessions are on June 25–26 — and now is the time to toss your hat in the ring to be considered a speaker on a panel discussion.

Participating in a 6Sight panel is a great way to position yourself and your company as a leader in your particular area of imaging technology.

The panels are all about lively, informed conversation — and so no presentations or other preparations are required.

6Sight is looking for a wide range of knowledgeable and thoughtful imaging experts. Session topics now include:

  • Advances in Camera Capture
  • Sensors & Optics
  • Image Processing
  • Mobile Operators
  • Connected Cameras
  • Imaging Apps
  • Augmented Reality
  • Social Imaging
  • Intelligent Imaging

If you want to participate, simply complete the online form here.



Sony transformation stresses imaging as a core business

Sony says it will reinforce its development of image sensors, signal processing technologies, lenses “and other key digital imaging technologies in which it excels,” as it plans to leverage these technologies in both its consumer products (such as compact digital still cameras, digital video cameras, and interchangeable lens digital cameras) and broadcast and professional products (such as professional use cameras and security cameras) in order to further strengthen and differentiate Sony’ overall product line.

The company says it also plans to extend the use of these key technologies across a wide range of business applications, from security to medical, to further expand the scope of its digital imaging business. Sony will target total sales of 1.5 trillion yen and double-digit operating income margin from the consumer, professional and image sensor businesses by FY14.

The move come as Sony announced a series of strategic initiatives to be introduced under the new management team established on April 1, 2012. Sony is positioning digital imaging, gaming, and mobile as the three main focus areas of its electronics business and plans to concentrate investment and technology development resources in these areas.

By growing these three businesses, Sony aims to generate approximately 70% of total sales and 85% of operating income for the entire electronics business from these categories by FY14.

Other steps include “turning around the television business,” creating new businesses, accelerating innovation, and realigning the business portfolio and optimizing resources

In mobile, Sony is integrating the R&D, design engineering, and sales and marketing operations of its smartphone, tablet, and Vaio laptop businesses in order to quickly develop and deliver compelling products to market.

Sony notes it is “largely a new entrant to the medical industry,” but has launched medical printers, monitors, cameras, recorders and other medical-use products, and will target sales of 50 billion yen in this market in FY14. Sony also plans to enter the market for medical equipment components, where its strengths in various core digital imaging technologies offer significant competitive advantages in applications such as endoscopes. Furthermore, Sony plans to enter the life science industry, where the Company can leverage its expertise in technologies such as semiconductor lasers, image sensors and microfabrication.

Sony says it is also drawing on its strengths in audio and visual technologies to aggressively promote the growth of “4K” technology, which delivers more than four times the resolution of Full HD video. “Incorporation of Sony-developed technologies, such as image sensors, image processing compression LSIs and high-speed optical transmission modules into its professional-use and high-end consumer products will pave the way for Sony to continue to expand and enrich its 4K-compatible product lineup,” the company says.

Finally, Sony confirmed it will “reduce headcount” across the entire Sony Group by approximately 10,000 in FY12.


Adobe revs Revel photo cloud for Retina

Adobe updated its Revel cloud-based photo sync service: version 1.2 adds support for the Retina Display on the new iPad, and faster image editing on the iPad and iPhone.

Also new are the ability to tag photos with an event name “so that a photo library matches how things happened in real life,” the company says, a grid view which displays photos from a single day or event, and the ability to share, export and delete multiple photos at once,

“Revel is the best way to keep all your photos synced across your different devices,” Adobe says. “All the photos you put in Revel are automatically and effortlessly accessible on your Mac, iPad, and iPhone. Revel is also a lot of fun to experience with others. Share a carousel with your friends so everyone has a single place to put all the photos from your group events. Everyone uploads to the same photo carousel, and you can instantly see what others are capturing from your personal device.” As carousels can be private, “Revel is perfect for couples who want a single place for both of their photos,” Adobe adds.

The app, first called Carousel, includes editing tools and sliders that control lighting, color and clarity. And, like Instagram and other imaging apps, Revel can add filters, here called “Looks,” to turn a photo black and white, “add a soft dream like look or another filter to give your friends vintage sepia flare.”

Subscription pricing for an Adobe Revel account is $6 per month.


Scan printed docs with an iPad

Readdle has improved its Scanner Pro 4 for the new iPad, with a revamped interface and processing engine for “blazingly fast image processing,”

The $7 Scanner Pro transforms your iPhone and the new iPad into portable scanners, the company says. It allows you to scan checks, agreements, whiteboards, pages and even multipage documents. After scanning, you can email them or upload to Dropbox, Google Docs and Evernote. Automatic edge detection and advanced image processing help you to get great scans blazingly fast. You can adjust the crop area manually by tapping on the screen. All scanned document are produced as industry-standard PDF files.


SmugMug captures awesome iPhone images, on the DIMAcast

SmugMug is a premium online photo sharing site that has branched out with its own mobile imaging app, one that substantially improves photo capture on the iPhone.

Co-founder Don MacAskill tells us why the company took up software development and how it’s benefited the company, and discusses the impact of social imaging on photography.

DIMAcast interviews are available for free download here.

Don MacAskill of SmugMug