Adobe revs Revel photo cloud for Retina

Adobe updated its Revel cloud-based photo sync service: version 1.2 adds support for the Retina Display on the new iPad, and faster image editing on the iPad and iPhone.

Also new are the ability to tag photos with an event name “so that a photo library matches how things happened in real life,” the company says, a grid view which displays photos from a single day or event, and the ability to share, export and delete multiple photos at once,

“Revel is the best way to keep all your photos synced across your different devices,” Adobe says. “All the photos you put in Revel are automatically and effortlessly accessible on your Mac, iPad, and iPhone. Revel is also a lot of fun to experience with others. Share a carousel with your friends so everyone has a single place to put all the photos from your group events. Everyone uploads to the same photo carousel, and you can instantly see what others are capturing from your personal device.” As carousels can be private, “Revel is perfect for couples who want a single place for both of their photos,” Adobe adds.

The app, first called Carousel, includes editing tools and sliders that control lighting, color and clarity. And, like Instagram and other imaging apps, Revel can add filters, here called “Looks,” to turn a photo black and white, “add a soft dream like look or another filter to give your friends vintage sepia flare.”

Subscription pricing for an Adobe Revel account is $6 per month.