Google to buy Viewdle for $45 million

Visual analysis company Viewdle may be the latest acquisition of Google; the search leader is reportedly paying about $45 million for the Ukraine-based imaging firm.

Motorola, the handset maker acquired this year by Google, was reportedly interested in Viewdle last year.

Acting CEO Jason Mitura participated in our social imaging earlier this year; you can read his outspoken views in the 6Sight Magazine here:

As we reported last year, Viewdle developed SocialCamera, a free Android app that adds face recognition to identify “the people you take photos of the most, and tag them for you,” the company says. SocialCamera creates a “faceprint of your friends, so you can automatically match their social contact info to their picture. Your camera will know who to send your photos to,” via Flickr, Facebook, email, or MMS.

We first covered Viewdle way back 2007, noting the company claimed its facial recognition technology recognizes a face after seeing it just once —and its video indexing and reference system fuses its facial-recognition visual analysis technology with other search techniques  for frame-by-frame analysis that indexes video at 55 frames per second —“nearly instantaneously.”