Joby grips phones to tripods

The GripTight mount from GorillaPod-maker Joby will clamp on a smartphone so it can be screwed onto any standard tripod mount.

Joby says it’s long been asked by customers for a GorillaPod that worked with their phones, but “Smartphones with awesome cameras come in all shapes and sizes, but most tripod mounts only work with one phone model.” So the company says it “designed a solution that works with your gear, not against it. Our team created an awesome tripod mount that will expand to fit your phone and case — whatever phone you’ve got — and keep it securely positioned wherever your adventures take you. Stretch the clamp and insert your phone. That’s it!”

The $20 spring-loaded clamp fits iPhones, Androids, and Windows phones, Joby says, and all tripods.

More information is here.