MailPix lets users easily access their own Facebook and Instagram images — and those of their friends

Everyone knows there are gazillions of pictures on Facebook. If we can just get people to start using them to make photo products, the potential is simply staggering. New online photo printing company MailPix is trying to do just that.

The company says users can print Facebook and Instagram photos directly from their MailPix account — as well as photos from their friends’ pages. Even without a MailPix account, users can login with their Facebook IDs. Once logged in, the user’s Facebook or Instagram albums, and those of their friends, show up as folders in the picture browser — where the images can then be accessed and used to create photo products.

“With millions of images uploaded each day to Facebook, there are unlimited memories to be preserved in prints, in photo books, in photo cards and on canvas,” says Fred Lerner, president and CEO, MailPix.

Industry research shows many online photo projects are left unfinished because the user doesn’t have the right photos to finish it; but access to the Facebook albums of friends and family solves that problem, the company says.