Red cuts camera prices by thousand$

High-end camera maker RED has substantially lowered priced on its digital movie making equipment.

“We have built an incredibly efficient factory in Irvine, California and over time learned how to make Epics in quantity, lowered our assembly costs, and found better suppliers,” says CEO Jim Jannard. “When we assembled the 1st Epic camera it took 12 hours. It took two more days to de-bug. Today we can assemble an EPIC in 13 minutes and 95 percent need no re-work after diagnostics and testing. It is a testament to our manufacturing team and supply chain teams. Since our costs are now significantly lower we are re-pricing our cameras as of now.”

Body-only, the Epic-M dropped to $24,000 from $39,500; the Epic-X is $19,000 from $34,500.




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