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InfoTrends studies SLR vs. CILC sales

Compact interchangeable lens cameras are a threat to take sales away from the SLR market, says research firm InfoTrends — and “to combat this, vendors must continue to innovate in areas of image quality and sensor technology to keep photographers coming back to upgrade their SLRs.”

The firm adds that CILCs “face their own external threats, most notably point & shoot cameras with large sensors, and smartphones. Attracting new buyers will require showing consumers that CILCs offer features that are unavailable in today’s smartphones and point & shoot cameras.”

In the interchangeable lens camera market, says InfoTrends, rapid changes will affect consumer purchase and usage behaviors, vendors’ product development strategies, and retailers’ selling strategies.  The company’s 2012 U.S. Interchangeable Lens Camera Market  study provides a five-year sales forecast for the United States, and looks at why consumer-level hobbyists and photo active consumers are choosing one particular class of interchangeable lens camera over another.


To develop the right products and target their marketing messages at the right buyers, InfoTrends says it is important for vendors and retailers to understand how buyers of single lens reflex cameras and mirror-free compact interchangeable lens cameras are evolving. The demographics of DSLR and CILC owners look very similar: photo enthusiasts, knowledgeable about photography, weighted to males, affluent, and early adopters. Future CILC owner demographics reflect a more mainstream buyer, who may be stepping up from a point & shoot camera. Vendors and retailers should begin preparing to adjust their messages to accommodate this shift — and vendors “must target those consumers who have a strong interest in photography and care about the quality of the photos that they are taking.”

The full report is here.


Free webinar trains accountability

A free webinar from Partners In Leadership will show how accountability “is the answer to increasing revenues, decreasing costs, and successfully implementing key initiatives,” the company says.

The authors of the book, The Oz Principle: Getting Results Through Individual and Organizational Accountability, will show you how their clients have used the training to achieve record-setting results, “like an increase in stock price from $.31 cents/share to $22 dollars/share in about 2 years,” the company says.

“Accountability is the guiding principle that defines how we make commitments to one another; how we measure and report our progress; how we interact when things go wrong, and how much ownership we take to get things done. It is, in essence, the nerve center that runs throughout every part of the organization, through every working relationship to every member of every team.”
Thousands of companies and hundreds of thousands of people in more than 50 countries use accountability training, the book’s authors claim.

The session is in on Wednesday, November 14, 2012, from 10am – 11am PST.

More information is here.


Online educational center for professional photographers opens aims to provide photographers news on “events around the country along with classic educational videos, podcasts with photographic icons and posts on business, marketing and “how to” guest posts on various techniques.”

Publisher MEI says they are “working to bring a series of different educational components together in one location.”

MEI is an educational consulting company supporting projects and clients in the photographic industry, run by photography book author Skip Cohen.