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Hiring for Seasonal sales

Hopefully you’re well on your way to assembling your holiday team, says Doug Fleener of Dynamic Experiences Group — but if you haven’t finished, here are his seven tips for hiring a seasonal staff.

1. Hire extraordinary people. Too many specialty retailers compromise when they hire for the holidays,  but seasonal staff that works the floor they have to be really good.  Your customers don’t know or care who is and isn’t a seasonal sales associate. “Call it fate, but I swear the customers with the most money always end up being helped by seasonal people.”

2. Contact every former employee who left in good standing. Reach out to every former employee and ask if they’re interested in a holiday position. These are people who might not be thinking about working a seasonal job, but many of them will consider it once they’re asked. And these people are almost always more productive and will get up to speed much more quickly.

3. Recruit your customers and/or their friends. Who better to work in your store this holiday season than someone who already knows the products and people?

4. Pay exceptionally well. You usually get what you pay for. If we seek out and find really good people they deserve to be paid well.

5. Reward your permanent employees for recruiting seasonal employees.

6. Consider hiring specialists. Bank employees make great cashiers. Outside sales reps make good retail salespeople.

7. Use a group interview process. Instead of trying to schedule a bunch of one-on-one interviews, do a phone interview with the applicants and if you like them invite them to a group interview.

Dynamic Experiences Group is a retail and customer experience consulting firm.  Fleener is the former director of retail for Bose Corporation and an independent retailer.


Transcend offers WiFi camera storage card

Storage card maker Transcend Information released a new WiFi SD storage card that “instantly adds wireless capability to an SDHC-compatible digital camera.”

Also, when the card is coupled with the company’s app, “users can take advantage of the high resolution of their digital camera and the versatility of their smartphone or tablet to easily share beautifully shot photos to the world as soon as they are taken.” The company also notes the advantage of pairing a camera with a table to immediately see the high-resolution images the camera captures on the tablet’s bigger display.

The card can set a peer-to-peer connection between camera and mobile device, or to a nearby Internet hotspot.

The cards are priced at $60 for 16GB and  $99 for 32GB.

More information is here.

HTC and Apple settle patent dispute

While Apple’s battle against Samsung and Google over the Android OS continues, the company settled its years-old lawsuits against #2 Android phone maker HTC.

The companies jointly announced that all patent litigation between the companies were dismissed as HTC and Apple “reached a global settlement that includes the dismissal of all current lawsuits and a ten-year license agreement. The license extends to current and future patents held by both parties.”

The terms of the settlement are confidential.

Both companies conclude that the resolution will let them “focus on innovation.”