Portrait Professional detects faces and features

Thanksgiving photos making you look overstuffed? New software may fix your face faster than a diet. The latest version of Portrait Professional incorporates the industry’s most accurate face and feature detector, the developer says, and is the only portrait software “actually capable of slimming and refining the face shape, enabling you to make your subject as slim and beautiful as possible, quickly and easily.”

UK-based Anthropics says it analyzed thousands of photos to learn “what makes people look attractive or unattractive.” This knowledge is embedded in the software so “it knows how to improve any aspect of the face. For example, if the face has a double chin, Portrait Professional’s ‘jaw slider’ will recognize that, and automatically reduce it.” 200 sliders give control over all aspects of the face, eyes, teeth, mouth and hair.

Also, a new “intelligent touch up brush” actively looks for defects within its radius, and only removes the defect, leaving good skin untouched.

The company says Portrait Professional’s new face slimming “has been shown to please subjects and increases sales. There are some things that even a flattering camera angle and a well-chosen pose can’t hide. Research shows that people buy more photos if they like the way they look in them.”

Pricing starts at $63.