Animoto animates annual ending


Want to see all your online photos from the last year instantly added to an animated video? Assuming your shots are on Facebook, you’re in luck: just click here.

“The end of the year is nearing and we here at Animoto believe there is nothing quite like an awesome video to recap your awesome year, “the imaging service says, “so, we have made it dead-simple to create one.”

All you have to do is choose music and a theme. It’s a clever way to entice you to try out the service, which goes beyond slideshows with its movie-like use of photos.

The added bonus of tying into Facebook: the resulting video will have not only the shots you’ve uploaded yourself, but also the ones in which your friends and family tagged you. (Don’t worry, you can excise unwanted images.) Unlike Facebook’s own video feature, Animoto uses already-added captions as well.