Ilford offers… single-use black & white cameras?     And webinar on paper choices.


Hey, I like niche products as much as the next guy… but every now and then comes an item where I have to wonder if the potential buying audience numbers only in the dozens…?

But then, you might be exactly the customer Ilford has in mind for its new cameras — or your own customers might enjoy such an item.

What’s so niche here? Well, it’s not just a single-use camera. It’s not just a film camera instead of digital. And it’s not just black & white instead of color. Nope, it’s a B&W film disposable camera. That’s right. B&W. Film. Disposable. Just what you’ve been looking for, right?

(And here’s where dozens of enthusiasts adamantly exclaim “Hey Paul you elitist moron, that IS what I’ve been looking for!”)

Ilford says it disposable cameras are “perfect for party and wedding celebrations.” There are two film choices available, each with 27 exposures. The XP2 can be processed at any shop using C41. The HP5 is intended for processing at locations with standard black and white film processing and printing chemistry, “resulting in true, real black and white prints that have a unique look as the images are made from silver.”
The cameras have a flash and “a smart clean new look.” They’re priced at about $15 and $25, and are out now only in the U.K., apparently.

Offered everywhere is free webinar — tomorrow, Thursday the 6th. Ilford’s webinar will focus on the considerations such as weight, brightness and surface texture that go into selecting the best paper for your inkjet print.

Interested attendees can sign up here.