Smarter shrinkage: Accusoft offers improved iPhone imaging


The iPhone’s resolution reduction got you down? Imaging developer Accusoft says its ThinPic for iOS will maintain your original image size, while reducing the file size for easier uploading.

The ThinPic app can work with any photo stored on the iPhone or iPad. It will reduce the photo file size by up to 70 percent, but “retain its image quality and resolution.” With it, you can “save on data transfer rates by reducing file size prior to sharing,” and  also store up to three times as many photos on the device.

Most strikingly, Accusoft claims that their full-resolution files are smaller than the ones iOS makes after cutting an image in half. “For example, the panorama mode in the iPhone 5 can capture a 17 MB image. When that photo is emailed from the iPhone the user is prompted to reduce the message size by scaling the image to Small, Medium, Large or Actual Size for faster transmission. The Actual Size setting scales the image to half of its original resolution to generate a file size of approximately 5.5MB. ThinPic will reduce the same image to around 4.4MB, while maintaining the original resolution.”

The app is free but limited to three photos per day, or $2 for unlimited use.