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Found-object Christmas music in photo frame factory


It’s viral marketing at its finest, using one of the seasonal songs I don’t get tired of: The staff at Alphabet Photography’s framing shop “came together as a team this holiday season” for a special performance of The Carol Of The Bells.

The video was shot in the company warehouse, with “sounds from the machinery that we use daily.” It looks natural and spontaneous, but they say it was rehearsed “more than 125 times, with more than 720 man-hours going into the performance and recording of the video.”

Enjoy the show here.


Fine Art photography rising?


Forbes reports on a new survey showing “confidence in the modern and contemporary photography market is up by 9.2 percent since May, with the biggest increase in confidence at top end of the market, for photos priced over $100,000.”

Conducted by ArtTactic, the survey finds “some 92 percent of experts surveyed thought that prices for modern photography are likely to rise in the next six months, while 34 percent thought that prices in contemporary photography would go up, and 66 percent thought they would remain at current levels.”

The article notes that prices for fine art photography have historically tended to be much lower than those fetched by artists working in other medium, “but that seems to be changing for some parts of this market, albeit pretty slowly. Prices are definitely creeping up, but it’s not a steep curve, more of a gradual slope.”

The full article is here.


Mirrorless, Action cameras compared


Looking for the best small system camera, or the top model for capturing outdoor action — either for yourself, or to recommend to a customer?

For action cameras, the gadgety guys at Gizmodo have compared the latest leading models for you.

How’d they test ’em? “We strapped three to a surfboard, and surfed the leading edge of Hurricane Sandy. We set up static shots on the rooftop at different times of day. …And then I strapped all four to my helmet and biked around Brooklyn.”

The winner this year? GoPro’s Hero 3 Black Edition.
The full report is here.


Trained professional. Don’t try this at home, kids!


Over at GizMag, they provide an extensive comparison of mirrorless interchangeable lens camera systems.

The choice in SLR rivals is broadening, which is “great for the camera-buying public, (but) it also makes it even more tricky when deciding which system to invest in,” they note. Too many total to compare in full perhaps, as the article look at six models: Olympus OMD EM-5; Sony NEX-6; Fuji X-Pro1; Panasonic LUMIX GF5; Nikon 1 V2; and Canon EOS M.

Specifications sized up here include size and weight, sensor size and megapixel count, autofocus, fps burst rate, iso range, and more.
The full comparison is here.

PMA launches, a new community for photo enthusiasts

I am very excited to announce that we have just launched a new website,, the place for photo enthusiasts, professional photographers, photo retailers, imaging labs and manufacturers to meet, learn and grow together.

In case you missed the first announcement in September, there are two aspects to The Big Photo Show. First is the event, held in different venues across the United States, where photo enthusiasts can come to see, touch and try the latest in photography gear; meet representatives from the top equipment manufacturers, retailers and labs; learn new ways to hone their skills and take their photography to the next level; and interact with other photographers. The Big Photo Show inaugural event will be held from 10:00 a.m. till 6:00 p.m. on May 4-5, 2013, at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, California.

Second is an online community at, where people who love taking pictures – at all levels, from beginners to advanced amateurs to professional photographers – can come to share their knowledge, questions, and passion with each other.

“The website offers photo contests with great prizes, tips and tricks from expert photographers, and a calendar of events, where photo enthusiasts can find out what’s happening in the world of photography, right where they live and work,” said Jim Esp, Executive Director of PMA. “Retailers, labs, framers, photographers and other imaging industry members can share their news and invite photo enthusiasts in their local markets to take part in whatever they’re doing. Of course, details about all the exciting happenings at The Big Photo Show events are there, too.”

Allen Showalter, PMA President, added, “The Big Photo Show and the new, corresponding online community at thebigphotoshow.comwill bring consumers who love photography together with the people who have made it their life’s work to serve them. What a remarkable opportunity for imaging businesses to develop relationships with photo enthusiasts, and for those avid photographers to discover all the wonderful tools and services this industry has to offer, to help them grow in both passion and ability as photographers.”

Companies interested in exhibiting in or sponsoring The Big Photo Show can contact Jeff Frazine at


Apple, Google to co-purchase Kodak imaging patents?

Apple and Google teamed to offer more than $500 million to buy Kodak’s  imaging patents, Bloomberg reported late last week.

With their  leading smartphone operating systems, iOS and Android, the two companies have dominant positions in mobile imaging, and doubtless would rather not face patent infringement claims from any potential rival buying Kodak’s intellectual property.

It’s not an uncommon move: Apple worked with Microsoft and Research in Motion to acquire 6,000 patents for $4.5 billion from bankrupt Nortel Networks last year.

Kodak, in the midst of bankruptcy and reorganization, seeks to sell 1,100 imaging patents.

Kodak has claimed the patents may be worth more than $2 billion, but others counter the patents are already too widely licensed to be of much further value.

More on the story is here.