Half of photo apps abandoned


Is that glass half full or empty?, asks Suite 48 Analytics with a new survey that finds mobile photographers abandon about half of their downloaded photo apps — but still use the other half regularly.

(Personally, I’ve downloaded dozens and dozens of apps I’ve not even tried yet, let alone abandoned — and a good chunk of those were paid, not free apps… albeit $1–2.)

Suite 48 Analytics polled 216 North American and European smartphone users, asking respondents what percentage of the photo apps that they have downloaded in the previous 12 months they still use more than once a month. The average percentage still used is 51 percent, and the median 50 percent.  The Flash Survey is the first of a series of free targeted and fast survey projects the company plans “to further enhance customer and market insights for photo app developers and imaging vendors.”

A free white paper, “Ongoing Photo App Use,” is here. It reports on how many photo apps mobile photographers have installed on their smartphones.

Suite 48 Analytics principal Hans Hartman will be speaking at the PMA conference on January 10.