Got fisheye? proDAD Debuts Defishr


Slight curvature can be overlooked in a still image — but it can make me nauseous in a moving video. Thankfully digital video effects developer proDAD has come out with the Defishr — an automatic video fisheye corrector application for Windows.

The $79 software removes the warp and perspective distortion caused by very wide angle camera lenses. Simply drag a video clip into the Defishr app, select the camera model that recorded the video from a drop-down list, and the fisheye distortion is instantly corrected, the company says. If your camera & lens combination is not in the list of camera profiles, the calibrator tool, can create a custom camera profile.

Defishr also includes manual lens correction tools to fine-tune the lens angle and zoom, or to rotate the video and correct minor camera placement problems.

Samples of fixed video are here.