Archives for December 16, 2012

Control your camera from your mobile


Just last month I noted the TriggerTrap, an accessory/app combo for using a smartphone to control your camera; this month we see a similar competing package, one whose developer says it had the idea first.

ioShutter “makes natural portraits, pin-sharp long exposures, stunning light trails and time-lapse sequences easy for any keen photographer, says developer enlight photo, and has movement and sound triggers for photo shoots. The remote operation lets you “get out from behind your SLR camera for natural portraits.”

Like the TriggerTrap, its developed in the UK — but while that app work on Android as well, this is iOS only, and connects to Canon, Nikon, Pentax or Samsung SLRs, or a Hasselblad, while TriggerTrap offers modules for many compact mirrorless cameras. It’s also quite a bit more: The full app is $10; the connecting cable is $70, as opposed to $30 for both from TriggerTrap. Perhaps ioShutter offers more features for the cost, but the company isn’t highlighting any difference in capabilities.