Nikon expands mirrorless line


The company is citing the speed of the cameras, but we have to note the speed of their release: it seems like only yesterday Nikon entered the mirror-free market with its very-compact system cameras —and in those 15 months it’s debuted a half dozen models, and now has three distinct lines in its eponymous “Nikon 1” family of interchangeable lens cameras.

The 14-megapixel J3 has a smaller body than competing cameras with similar sized sensors, the company says. It’s also speedy, with short release time lag and fast continuous shooting at 15 frames per second. It’s $600 with a 3x lens.

The 10-megapixel S1 is first in a new series designed and named for small size, speed, and simplicity. It’ll be about $500 with a lens.

Both cameras of course capture HD vide at various rates, and can also simultaneously snap a still. They can capture extreme slow motion, recording at 1200 fps.

Nikon adds that it previous J1 became “the best-selling compact camera system across Europe.”