Panasonic wears small camcorder


It’s getting crowded in here — here being the field of outdoors-oriented wearable/mountable “action” video cameras.

Camcorder giant Panasonic is the latest to enter this popular market, with its new HX-A100, which has “a bright F2.5 lens, BSI sensor, and advanced image processing LSI,” the company says, to capture “clear, low-noise images in both bright and dim lighting situations.”

And while most wearable camcorders have to mount to a helmet, this one can hook over your ear for hands-free capture of 1080 video at 60 fps. The field of view is about 160-degrees.

The camera, priced at about $300, is of course waterproof as well, down to five feet.

Like most players here, it has WiFi connectivity to work you’re your smartphone or tablet.

More information is here.