Change your circumstances by changing your thoughts, words, and behavior

By Bill Freeman, M. Photog., CPP, Freeman Photography Group LLC

If you missed the 2013 PSPA Conference this year, you missed Dr. Linda Talley explain how we can change our circumstances by changing our thoughts, words, and behavior. She noted that we create either positive or negative neural pathways and these guide our thinking and behavior, rather than the economy or the internet. If our thoughts are negative, we don’t feel good and we focus on what we are feeling: bad. Guess what we get? Bad or worse.

She gave us four ways to change our neural pathways to create positive thoughts and feelings and focus on what we do want. By shifting our thought patterns, we can shift our words and our actions. Finally, she gave us a technique to motivate and empower ourselves and our staff to be more proactive and risk tolerant. The important aspect of her message was that this was not just something she thought up and told us; all her suggestions and applications were all based on empirical research.

Dr. Talley’s second program focused on sales presentations and posing. She described the best way to engage with a prospective client and the how to make a great first impression in the first 3-5 seconds. Her comments on posing noted positive and defensive positions and the perceptions both of these created for the viewer. She noted that research shows that defensive positions create negative perceptions while positive positions create positive perceptions on the part of the viewer. She wondered why photographers kept using defensive positions and barriers when posing clients?

This program was eye-opening and a wakeup call to remind us that the nonverbal aspect of photography is the key to improving our business, making our clients pleased with our results; and positioning us to engage our clients on a different level.