Noritsu’s new QSS Green offers array of printing functions

There were many great products on display at the 2013 PMA@CES trade show floor last week, and while we can’t write about all of them, I did want to highlight a cool new dry minilab from Noritsu, the QSS Green.

“The QSS Green is the only inkjet printer in the market delivering the highest quality prints with an automatic duplex printer. This printer is designed to add superior products to the retailer’s portfolio with variable paper thickness and surfaces,” said Kevin Williams, Senior Vice President of Sales and Service for Noritsu. “Our customers asked for this design, we listened and delivered the QSS Green profit¬†generator. Retailers can also meet heir current production needs by utilizing the printer with the variable paper sizes in roll format.

“The QSS Green was a huge success at PMA@CES, and we are excited about the future growth opportunities for our customers and Noritsu,” he added.
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